Restful service with bootable jar

RESTEasy 4.5.8.Final and 3.13.1.Final released

A couple of summer releases: RESTEasy 4.5.6.Final and 3.13.0.Final

Trim WildFly To Run Restful Service With WildFly Galleon

MicroProfile Config 1.3; Examination of The Out-Of-The-Box ConfigSources for a RESTEasy Application

MicroProfile REST Client 1.4; Examination of a MicroProfile REST Client Application

Monitor your application with MicroProfile Metrics

Sample Project For Swagger And JAX-RS Integration

RESTEasy 3.12.0.Final: MicroProfile Config

Deploy resteasy-spring-boot project into WildFly Java EE Full & Web Distribution

Deploy RESTEasy-Spring project into WildFly Servlet-Only Container

RESTEasy 3.11.0.Final: MicroProfile REST Client 1.4; Client memory management

RESTEasy default white-list based PolymorphicTypeValidator extension

RESTEasy 3.10.0.Final: Jakarta artifacts, new configuration parameter

RESTEasy 4.4.0.Final: moving to Jakarta artifacts and much more

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