RESTEasy 6.2.1.Final Release

By James R. Perkins | October 10, 2022

Today RESTEasy 6.2.1.Final was released. This is a minor release mostly consisting of component upgrades and some fixes for running RESTEasy with the security manager enabled. This was done for the up and coming WildFly 27.0.0.Final release.

One point of interest might be a newly added Galleon feature pack. There is now a org.jboss.resteasy:galleon-preview-feature-pack which is based on WildFly Preview. This allows the latest RESTEasy be used on either WildFly or WildFly Preview.

An example of installing RESTEasy in WildFly Preview 27.0.0.Beta1:

install org.wildfly:wildfly-preview-feature-pack:27.0.0.Beta1 --dir=wildfly-preview
install org.jboss.resteasy:galleon-preview-feature-pack:6.2.1.Final --dir=wildfly-preview

The complete release notes can be found here.


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