RESTEasy 6.2.0.Beta1 Release

By James R. Perkins | September 8, 2022

Today RESTEasy 6.2.0.Beta1 was released. Except component upgrades, there are two changes which resulted in a 6.2.0.Beta1 instead of a 6.1.1.Final.

  1. RESTEASY-3085 - Upgrade Jackson to 2.13
  2. RESTEASY-3075 - Implement the EntityPart.withName()

Previously there was a blocking bug which did not allow RESTEasy to upgrade to Jackson 2.13. This bug as resolved, and we would like to upgrade Jackson in WildFly too.

We discovered we did not attempt implement the RuntimeDelegate.createEntityPartBuilder. This is now implemented and the EntityPart.withName() will work with RESTEasy 6.2.

You can read the full release notes on the tag.

A 6.2.0.Final release is scheduled for 2022-09-22.


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