RESTEasy Spring And RESTEasy Spring Boot EE9 Deployment With WildFly Preview

By Wei Nan Li | April 14, 2022

Both Spring 6 and RESTEasy 6 adopts EE9 spec and namespaces, and there are releases of resteasy-spring that adopts the Spring and RESTEasy 6:

To show how to use this version of resteasy-spring with the preview version of WildFly(which also supports EE9 spec), I have committed to the resteasy-spring-basic example showing how to do this:

Please read the README of the sample project to see how to use it:

The above example shows how to deploy the EE9 based project into WildFly Preview Distribution.

In addition, the resteasy-spring-boot project also supports EE9 now, please check its sample project for its usage:



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