RESTEasy Announcements and Plans

By James R. Perkins | September 23, 2021

It’s been a while since there has been a blog post announcing anything. However, there have been some big changes in RESTEasy we would like to announce.


The first announcement is the simple one. There has been two bug fix releases in 4.7.2.Final and 3.15.2.Final.

RESTEasy 4.7 is now part of WildFly!

Starting with WildFly 25, RESTEasy has been upgraded to 4.7. For some users this may require some migration changes. Overall it will include some much desired improvements.


A lot has changed recently in RESTEasy. As announced in July the MicroProfile REST Client, MicroProfile Config Sources and Spring have all ben split out of RESTEasy into their own sub-projects.

Another module that has been removed from RESTEasy and moved to a sub-project is resteasy-cache-core. This has been moved to the resteasy-exentions project. For migration this will require a new Maven GAV, org.jboss.resteasy.cache:cache-core. A new 1.1.0.Final version has been released for this.

The Google Guice (resteasy-guice) module has been removed. There is no replacement for this other than using Jakarta Context and Dependency Injection.

Why has this been done?

We’ve done these things so that we can migrate to Jakarta REST 3.0! While in terms of functionality Jakarta REST 3.0 does not introduce anything, it’s the release that will change the namespace from javax to jakarta.

What to expect for RESTEasy 5

RESTEasy 5 will be a Jakarta REST 2.1 implementation, same as 3.15.2.Final and 4.7.2.Final. Overall this will be very similar to 4.7 except the aforementioned removed/moved modules.

As of RESTEasy 5 there will no longer be a standalone RESTEasy distribution which includes a ZIP of JBoss Modules. Instead, a Galleon Feature Pack can be used to install or upgrade RESTEasy on a provisioned WildFly server.

What to expect for RESTEasy 6

RESTEasy 6 will target Jakarta REST 3.0. The only difference between RESTEasy 5 and RESTEasy 6 will be the javax to jakarta namespace change. This includes upgrades to any specifications which are part of Jakarta EE 9.1.

Other Announcements

We have enabled discussions on GitHub for those that want something other than mailing lists.


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