RESTEasy 4.7.0.Final is now available

By James R. Perkins | July 8, 2021

I’m pleased to announce that RESTEasy 4.7.0.Final has been released.

New Features

  • A Reactor-Netty server adaptor has been introduced to pair with the reactor-netty client.
  • Better support for Java 16 and the up and coming Java 17 release. Due to these changes RESTEasy now requires Java 11 as it’s minimum compile level. However, it still supports the Java 8 runtime.
  • Support for reactive publishers for the HTTP client have been introduced.

Upcoming Changes

We are working on upgrading WildFly to use RESTEasy 4.7.0.Final. The is hope to have this done for WildFly 25.

As projects move towards Jakarta EE 9.1 support, RESTEasy is doing the same. The 4.7.0.Final may be the last release of the 4.x series with Jakarta EE 9.1 support going into RESTEasy 5.

What can you expect? Hopefully the only changes that will be required is the same package name changes from javax.* to jarkarta.*. Our goal is to keep RESTEasy 5.0 the same and only change the package names.


As usual the documentation can be found on the documentation site.

Full Release Notes

The full release notes can be found on the RESTEasy JIRA.


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