Quarkus 2, RESTEasy 4.6 fixes and more

By Alessio Soldano | July 6, 2021

I’m sure you heard Quarkus 2.0 has been released last week; one of the interesting additions of the second major of Quarkus is MicroProfile 4 support… and when it comes to MicroProfile REST Client 2.0 implementation that has been achieved my moving from the 4.5 to the 4.6 series of RESTEasy.

In particular, the RESTEasy team has recently produced a 4.6.1.Final bug fix release, addressing most of the known defects of the 4.6 series. The Maven artifacts for 4.6.1.Final are available on Maven Central and Quarkus is pulling them; unfortunately, due to a minor issue that’s been noticed too late in the release process, the binary distribution couldn’t be uploaded to the RESTEasy website. So here I am announcing 4.6.2.Final, which is functionally equivalent to 4.6.1.Final anyway.

Speaking of release announcements, I won’t likely be writing many more of them in the next future… James Perkins is taking over from me and joining Ron Sigal on the shared leadership position for the RESTEasy project.

James is bringing new energy to the project and will drive the team towards future goals, including future Jakarta EE versions’ support / implementation. Actually, even before that, I’m failry sure a new minor (4.7) with very interesting enhancements should be released very soon… so stay tuned!


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