RESTEasy 4.6.0.Final is now available

By Ron Sigal | January 14, 2021

Version 4.6.0.Final of RESTEasy is now available. Some notable enhancements are

  • implementation of MicroProfile REST Client 2.0;
  • integration with the WildFly Elytron security framework;
  • updates to RESTEasy configuration.

Note that MP REST Client 2.0 has backward incompatible changes. In particular, it now depends on Jakarta EE 8 APIs. See the release notes for more information.

Elytron is WildFly’s unified security framework, and now RESTEasy Clients can use Elytron to get credentials to access WildFly. For more information, see Section 6.5.5 “Configure RESTEasy client” of the Elytron guide. An example can be found at this blog.

Regarding configuration, RESTEasy can now run independently of MicroProfile Config, falling back on accessing system, environment, and web.xml variables in its absence. You can continue to use MP Config if it’s present, but the RESTEasy ConfigurationFactory interface will work with or without MP Config. See Section 3.4.3 “Using RESTEasy’s extension of MicroProfile Config” of the RESTEasy User Guide for more about that. Also, RESTEasy’s built-in MP Config ConfigSources now conform to MP Config 2.0.

In response to a security concern about leakage of third party information, some changes have been made to the handling of exceptions thrown by JAX-RS and MP REST Client clients running inside of JAX-RS resource methods. Because the fix involves a change in behavior, you should take a look at Section 30.3 “Resteasy WebApplicationExceptions” of the RESTEasy User Guide if you have any such clients.

Of course, there are upgrades and over twenty bug fixes.

As always, feedback is welcome. And, as Sgt. Esterhaus used to say on Hill Street Blues, “Let’s be careful out there”


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