A couple of summer releases: RESTEasy 4.5.6.Final and 3.13.0.Final

By Alessio Soldano | July 30, 2020

Users frequently scanning github for contributions and releases of RESTEasy might have noticed that during the past weeks we’ve tagged 4.5.6.Final and 3.13.0.Final. Since yesterday, the website is also providing the corresponding downloads.

The main motivation for the new 4.5 micro version is fixing a nasty security issue (CVE-2020-14326) that could be exploited to cause a DoS; we encourage eveybody running on RESTEasy 4.2 or greater to upgrade.

RESTEasy 3.13.0.Final, instead, is a basically a bug fix release with the addition of a feature related to client side integration with Elytron; this is a required step to have REST clients eventually rely on WildFly security (SSL, authentication, etc) configuration when running in-container.

Enjoy the summer, stay safe and see you soon here for next RESTEasy improvements!


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